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the hedbergs last hurrah.

So – my friends are moving.

Erikka was my college roommate for two years, and is one of my best friends. Her husband Eric has been the director at a camp in New Hampshire for the past 5 summers. She moved there after they got married 4 years ago, and luckily last year when we moved to the East Coast this put us a mere 2 hours away from them.

They’re moving in to a new season of life, and with that, moving out of New England. So, we wanted to do a little photo shoot to capture life in their little corner of New Hampshire. There was a lot of romping through fields, pulling over for “the perfect light” and of course a NH covered bridge. The best part? We ended the evening over a giant pizza at the best place in town.

We are here at their house again this weekend – the last weekend! We packed the kitchen, ate pringles & teddy grahams. We watched REV (our new favorite excuse for talking in British accents & testing Erikka’s Kate Middleton IQ) and now we’re sitting on the couch together watching Friends. So, bye bye my friends – we love you, we will miss you, and we will see you real soon.


2 comments on “the hedbergs last hurrah.

  1. thehedbergs
    August 25, 2012

    Thanks for the photoshoot, for coming up another weekend to help pack, for watching ridiculous tv shows (and enabling my KM obsession), and sharing life with us over the past 4-but-especially-2 years. Love you guys SO much!

  2. Mabrie
    August 26, 2012

    BEAUTIFUL Pictures and Beautiful people!!!!!

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