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Home for the Holidays

Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving?! (sorry to ensue any panic!)

We originally were planning on driving to my parents house. To Upper Michigan. And yes, it’s 20 hours one way. After about a minute of looking at the map online I was immediately panicking. So I quickly did some scurrying around online looking for flights (I know I know – THE WEEK BEFORE!). I thankfully – as it always seems to go – was able to figure out some kind of great deal for flights and are flying out next Saturday using all our points, flying out of Newark, AND a bonus – we have a layover in Minneapolis and get to see my in-laws (happy dance!).

I say all that to say this – I know that travel is a huge reality for a lot of people around the holidays – and it’s most likely the time that everyone is actually together and the last thing everyone is wanting to do is get all ready to take a holiday photo. I understand, we live 1000+ miles away from our families so this is my reality! We typically don’t even send out holiday cards until later on because after we get everyone together, take the picture, choose the photo, order the cards – it’s usually around new years when they arrive and I’m thinking “what’s the point?” And by then I’ve also received everyone elses wonderfully done cards – Pressure! Does anyone else feel this way?!

If so, read on! (I know you’re already feeling your blood pressure going up and are frantically Googling “Walgreens Holiday Cards” in a separate tab from this window.)

Being inspired by my own holiday card dilemmas, I decided to do something special – Home for the Holidays. This holiday package bundles a 30 minute photo session in your home or location of your choice (I’ll even come on Christmas Eve!) and 100 premium holiday cards to choose from 6 exclusive designs below – delivered to your house with the envelopes all set to stuff and mail off to your closest 100 friends – for $200!

Since I’ll be in Escanaba next week (I’m sure you’re thinking “What’s that?” It’s my hometown!) I will take bookings from November 19-23 – and locally in Connecticut through December 31st. Space is limited – so let’s chat!

I’ve always dreamed of designing a line of holiday cards – and here they are! Let me tell you about them (because I am just so excited!).
Each 5″x7″ card is printed on premium matte stock and features a unique matching design on the backside. They come with beautiful matching envelopes and the corners of each card can be cut rounded as well (if that’s you’re thing!). Once you choose the design, I will ensure that while taking your pictures that we can choose a photo that perfectly lines up with the design of your card so no-one is cut out, or blocked by any elements.

Beyond the Home for the Holidays packages – you can purchase these designs from my Etsy shop beginning Saturday, November 17th or just book a Holiday Photoshoot for $99 (same timelines apply for Michigan & East Coast through Dec 31, 2012). So – take a peek below, choose a card and email me to set up a time at hello@aliciasturdy.com. I’m so excited to work with you and help bring joy to your holiday season!

Email me at hello@aliciasturdy.com! ‘Like’ me on Facebook and check out my website!


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