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Escanaba Family Pictures | Michigan Photographer | The Hanson’s

Each year we’re together, my family aspires to take a holiday photo. Unfortunately, I think the last time we all had a picture together was 2007 – rides back to college, cats and “I can’t find anything to wear!” have been the reason of our demise.

This year as we kicked back after a delicious thanksgiving meal (and after eating enough of our Auntie Mary’s bread to open a small bakery) I realized we still hadn’t taken our christmas card photo! The stars aligned – it was dusk, the sun was setting perfectly on a 55 degree day – and we all we dressed in our thanksgiving best with our hair done…let’s do this!

alicia-sturdy27 alicia-sturdy28 alicia-sturdy29

It’s clear Kaylee knows how to make us laugh (center)


Then we had this other great idea to get on my dad’s Harley – woo woo! Oh – and of course the cat had to get on.


We titled this one “into the night”.


My middle sister, Melissa, is a great Cosmetologist – go see her sometime! alicia-sturdy21

The parents hopped on too! This picture is just perfect.


We realized we didn’t have a picture with everyone in it – and my dad had already gone inside. This is the face of a man who was inturrupted enjoying a post-thanksgiving meal bowl of my mom’s yummy stuffing.


Lastly – after we were all inside and people were digging into the leftover we again, realized we didn’t have a picture with “all the kids!” After an hour of shooting we had still missed this combination. Though this photo isn’t the greatest technically, we hope it says MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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One comment on “Escanaba Family Pictures | Michigan Photographer | The Hanson’s

  1. kjeanhanson
    December 5, 2012

    Love it : ) Love, MOM

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