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the end of 2012

64668944620360667_RvNPknq1_cJust now when I was typing the title “the end of 2012” I already have “trained” my fingers to type 2013…and I “couldn’t help but wonder” (don’t all good self reflections start with that beautifully coined phrase?) – looking back on the past year I can see a spectrum of two seasons – and what will 2013 hold?

I had been use to being in such a winterous season of life that when I looked up in 2012 – all of the sudden I was standing in the throws of spring. Now: Disclaimer. Please read this and know this is my heart writing pen to the paper (hypothetically). I am truly, honestly, 100% hand on the Bible telling you that this adventure called my life has not had one bit of regret. Even in the winters.

Because even winter has it’s beauty. Even winter has warm days. The growing of every root of every tree happens below ground level – in winter. I am certain every second of my winter(s) have been lived exactly how it should have been. I’m not saying I’ve been exactly floating along on a cloud eating bon bons…because I really hope you don’t see me as one of those people that “everything works out for” and “everything is perfect”, dear reader. I have learned over the past 27.5 years that taking it one day at a time is the best strategy I have. Praying daily. Worrying about what I’m already chewing on and trying not to think of my next bite.

A few years ago I had this image in my mind. An image of sheep resting in a field. Grazing. Peaceful. I felt like I was not in that field. I was always in the throws of something – not being able to rest. Not grazing. Always struggling and battling. Always doing the wrong thing.

And all I wanted was to be a sheep in the field.

But now that I am high enough to see why I wasn’t in the peaceful grazing field three years ago… it wasn’t one thing or another that was “keeping” me from the resting field… that it’s all the little teeny things in between here and there that make the pasture I’m resting in now.

And I guess where the name for my blog comes from. The teeny tiny things. In life. That make up all the good and the bad. The celebrating of seasons that each have their turn and time.

And I’m in my field. And it’s spring.







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