teeny & tiny

it's the teeny tiny things in life that shine.


Can you name something that is life giving to you?

For me, one is art.

Whether that be the art of conversation over coffee, the art of entertaining, or ‘the arts’ – I can name and claim that it’s one of the things that fills my cup.

My vision is that whatever medium is used to project our creation – that it be reflective of what sparked the beginning. The words that are inspired from a Deeper place. The images that come out of a heartfelt laugh. The design that sounds like your voice.

Sit along side me as I debrief my souls ramblings and catch moments gone unnoticed.

To inquire about a photo session or graphic design services, or just to say whaz up – email me at hello@aliciasturdy.com

Individual photo sessions starting at $150.
Weddings starting at $850 for 6 hour coverage.
Graphic design services on a per project basis.


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